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DSCR Investor Loans

Financing Solutions for Non-Traditional Investment Properties

If you’re an investor looking to purchase or refinance a non-traditional investment property, such as multi-unit properties or commercial buildings, you may find that traditional mortgage options don’t fit your needs. That’s where our DSCR Investor Loans come in.

At The Herd Lending, we understand the challenges that come with financing non-traditional investment properties. That’s why we offer competitive DSCR Investor Loans that are designed specifically for investors.

What Are DSCR Investor Loans?

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Investor Loans are a type of loan that considers the potential rental income of the property to determine its eligibility for financing. This means that instead of focusing on the borrower’s personal income, we look at the property’s income potential to determine the loan amount and interest rate.

DSCR Investor Loans are perfect for investors who are looking to finance investment properties that:

  1. Have multiple units, such as apartment buildings, townhomes, or duplexes
  2. Have commercial purposes, such as an office building, retail store, or industrial warehouse
  3. Have a high-income potential based on rental income

Benefits of DSCR Investor Loans

  1. High Loan Limits: With DSCR Investor Loans, you can qualify for loan amounts up to $5 million.
  2. Flexible Terms: We offer flexible terms, including fixed and adjustable rates, as well as a range of repayment options.
  3. No Personal Income Required: With DSCR Investor Loans, we do not require your personal income to determine loan eligibility.
  4. Quick Approval Process: Our streamlined application and approval process ensures you receive your funds quickly, so you can invest in your property as soon as possible.
  5. Competitive Rates: We offer competitive rates to ensure you have the resources you need to make the most of your investment.

Common Uses for DSCR Investor Loans

  1. Purchase of Investment Property: Use DSCR Investor Loans to purchase a new investment property.
  2. Refinancing: Refinance existing investment property loans to get a better rate or repayment terms.
  3. Property Improvements: Improve your investment property’s income potential by making renovations or upgrades.
  4. Consolidate Debt: Consolidate high-interest debt, such as credit card balances or short-term loans, into one manageable DSCR Investor Loan.

Ready to Invest in Non-Traditional Properties with DSCR Investor Loans?

At The Herd Lending, we understand that financing non-traditional investment properties can be challenging. That's why we offer innovative DSCR Investor Loans to help you achieve your investment goals. Our team of experienced loan professionals is ready to help you with flexible lending options to suit your unique investment strategy. Contact us (954) 304-2763 today for more information on our DSCR Investor Loans and how we can help you reach your investment potential.